Hardscaping is just as important as natural features to achieve a balanced and peaceful yard. Man-made components like walkways, patios and divider walls are an important part of any outdoor space because they make the space beautiful and functional. Hardscape elements will extend your outdoor living space, although creating them is very different than building a flower bed or vegetable garden, and you must consider the following before you start your next hardscaping project:

1.   Build a foundation before setting stones.

It’s recommended that you view your hardscaping project as a construction project because establishing a solid foundation for your hardscaping is a must to make it sturdy and long-lasting. There is more to creating a beautiful walkway than just laying a stone and calling it finished and there is work to do. You must set time aside to level the ground and lay in foundations like aggregate stone, stone dust, or gravel to create a solid base for your hardscape landscaping project.

2.   Decide on the type of stone.

You need to make a trip to your local garden center to pick a set of beautiful pavers and you need to decide on the type of stone to use in your hardscaping project. Consider different types of stone before you make your choice and do not base your decision solely on looks because a stone that you think looks fantastic may not fit in the space you want or, it may be out of your budget.

A stone you don’t love in terms of aesthetics, on the other hand can match your required function perfectly and you can achieve great results while remaining within your budget. This is why you need to consider the big picture when deciding on the type of stone for your hardscaping project.

There are many types of stone, including:

  • Also known as pea gravel, this stone is budget-friendly and is around an eighth of an inch in size and smooth in texture which is why you’ll need to set a solid foundation of compacted soil and stone dust and surround the area with a steel edge.
  • Granite: This type of stone offers durability and a luxurious appearance. It is available in various colors and textures, and its strength makes it suitable for high-traffic areas. Granite pavers can be set on a stable base, such as compacted soil or concrete, and they provide a stunning and long-lasting surface for your hardscaping project.
  • Limestone: Another excellent choice for hardscaping is limestone. Limestone pavers offer a natural and elegant look, with a range of colors and patterns to choose from. They are relatively easy to work with and can be set on a sand or gravel base. Limestone is known for its durability and ability to withstand weathering, making it a popular option for outdoor projects.

These are common types of stones, although you will also have other options.

3.   Determine what the space will be used for.

Deciding where to build your next hardscaping project is important, but you must first determine exactly what the space will be used for. How close or far away do you want to place it from your home for functionality? Will it be easily accessible? If you want to transport food back and forth, for example, you must build a patio that is close to your kitchen.

Additionally, you must consider how large your hardscape space will be in comparison to the size of your yard, and you must factor in trees, play equipment for kids and space for your pets to complete your hardscaping project correctly.

4.   Determine the shape of your hardscape area.

You must consider the shape of the area where you plan to build a hardscape. Do you want a square patio to entertain or a rounded sitting area to relax in? You must determine this aspect in advance because it will affect the cost of this project. You may need to cut or split stone for a rounded patio or bench, which can be expensive.

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