House Landscape Design Parry Sound

Certain design tricks will allow you to blend the outdoors with your indoor space so that you can have the best of both worlds. This design trend is becoming more and more popular because it creates a very appealing effect by taking the best parts of these two environments and combining them. The coziness and warmth of the indoors can extend to your home’s exterior, and the following tips will help you achieve this look:

Add Large Windows

The more sunlight, the better, so try to add large windows or even a glass wall if you can. This will allow you to see the outdoors at all times, so your interior will feel outdoorsy and your yard will feel like an extension of your home. This will connect your outdoor space to your interior and will allow you to create a seamless transition.

Use Similar Flooring

Using the same or similar flooring between your indoor space and yard will not only create a connection, but a beautiful appearance as well. Both spaces will flow into each other, which will create a stunning effect, so talk to your flooring contractor about this aspect. Not all types of flooring will be suitable for the outdoors, so the installer will discuss the different possibilities and will make professional recommendations. If you can’t select the same kind of flooring, try to choose something that matches your indoors so that your yard has a pattern that is similar to your interior.

Install A Cover To Your Patio

This will provide you with the comfort you are able to get indoors, so you would be able to spend more time outdoors. A canopy, pergola or a gazebo are all great options you can consider and these would allow you to enjoy your yard even when weather conditions are not ideal. This increased level of comfort would allow you to make use of your yard all year round.

Transform Your Patio Into A Living Room

This will definitely give your yard that interior feel you are trying to achieve, so create a living room outdoors with furniture, rugs and décor pieces that are suitable for outside. Don’t forget to add lighting options and a fireplace or fire pit because this will really give you that interior feel while you relax in your yard.

Consider An Outdoor Kitchen And Dining Area

An outdoor dining area would allow you to host parties outside and your yard can be a place where your family and friends gather. Installing an outdoor kitchen would allow you to cook outside, so your dinner parties will be completely different going forward.

Schlager Excavating & Haulage will help you achieve this look because our team is familiar with this trend, so we can incorporate it into your design. We specialize in landscape design and can help transform the exterior of your house. We will help you create the perfect plan and offer snow removal services and driveway gravel as well. If you are in the Parry Sound area, contact us today!