Storm damage can be financially and emotionally draining. In just one day, a storm can destroy years of hard work on your home. Uprooted trees can fall through the roof. Shattered window panes need replacement. Flood waters need to be cleaned out and your home needs to be sanitized for health safety. There can be debris and danger from broken tree limbs everywhere on your property. If you have a power outage, cleaning up can take longer and becomes harder.

Here are a few tips from Schlager to help you clean up effectively to lessen the mess yourself and get your family safe before you call for professional help.

  1. Turn off the Mains: First, turn off the power if there is water in your home to avoid it from reaching electrical outlets. Remove wires and all place electrical appliances on higher shelves.
  2. Drain Out Flood Water: Flood water is toxic since it contains sewage and roadside debris. Wear rubber gloves, safety glasses, and waterproof boots to protect yourself against contamination before you start cleaning up. The residue left behind is a serious health risk. Make sure you clean that up well too and sanitize the area with a disinfectant thereafter. After you are done, wash your hands with soap and clean water or take a shower.
  3. Take Photos of the Damage: If the damage is extensive, document it using a camera with a few photos or video snippets as evidence to make insurance claims.
  4. Ventilate to Prevent Mould: A dangerous repercussions of storms is the dampness in homes that can lead to mould growth and health risks for your family. In just hours and days, mould, mildew, and fungus can grow on musty walls and rotting wood, adding to the odour, affecting insulation and your health. Open all windows and doors to let out the damp air and dry up the house. Don’t forget to dry out drawers and closets too. Use fans and dehumidifiers to hasten the process.
  5. Remove Damaged Trees: Uprooted trees and branches lying on your property and outside your home can create serious accidents. Removing them is best left to professionals or they can cause injury. Smaller plants may require gentle clean up before they are placed back in the soil.
  6. Remove Broken Glass: If you have shattered window panes or broken glass lying about, remove the pieces carefully. Keep children away from the area till the professionals do a thorough job and declare the area safe.

Schlager Excavating for Landscaping after Storm Damage

If possible, leave the clean up after storm damage to the professionals. They have the training and tools needed to do it well and safely. Contact Schlager for repairs and landscaping once the debris is cleaned up.

Our services for storm damage include foundation repair and all areas of landscaping outdoor property in the Parry Sound and Muskoka area, including tree removal, yard clean up, gardening maintenance, fixing walkways, patios, driveways and more. Landscaping can make your home beautiful again and increase value.

Our design team hears you out, gives their expert suggestions that you may not be familiar with, and transforms your property. Whether it’s your cottage, home or commercial property, Schlager makes your outdoor space more enjoyable and usable again and will make it easy for you to recuperate after a bad storm.