Your backyard should be an extension of the interior aesthetic of your home. If you have recently renovated your home, you may notice that your backyard is now outdated or could just use some fixing up to make your home perfect! One of the best parts about upgrading the landscape in your backyard is that you can be extremely creative and the possibilities are pretty much endless. If you are looking for some inspiration to brighten your backyard, take a look at some of the best landscaping ideas from Schlager Excavating.

Garden Wonderland

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If you love gardening, why not make your entire backyard into a full garden? Planting all of your favorite flowers and growing your own vegetables is a fun way to spend your spring and summer months that you won’t want to go inside until the fall! Mixing in rocks and stone steps along the walkway is a great way to add a whimsical aesthetic to your landscaping.

A Mix of Lawn and Garden

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If you have a growing family, you will want an area for your children to play and space for you to spend the afternoon gardening. When you hire a professional landscaping team, they will be able to section off different parts of your backyard and build something different in each section. For example, you could have a big square that is dedicated to your lawn, then have a perimeter around it where you can grow a garden. You can also implement a patio space for when you want to entertain guests or to relax after a long day at work.

Cozy Landscaping

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If you have a smaller backyard or would like to have a section of your backyard as a getaway, you can create a sitting area with comfy garden furniture and bright flowers. Think of it as your own secret garden where you can escape to read a book or just listen to the nature around you. Plant your favorite flowers that make you feel good when you look at or smell them.

Earthy Wonderland

This is the opposite of the garden wonderland idea, where you will mostly use rocks and stones in your landscape. You can plant small gardens in empty spaces to bring a pop of color and freshness to your backyard.

Fire Pit Patio

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There is nothing better than gathering around a fire during a crisp summer night! Get together with your family and friends to celebrate a long weekend or roast marshmallows for a great way to end the day.

Upgrade Your Landscaping With Schlager Excavating!

No matter how you want your backyard to look, the professional landscapers at Schlager Excavating will make it a reality! Take a look through our portfolio to get inspiration for your landscape or call us at +1 (705) 732-1802 with your own ideas!