As a leading landscape contractor serving the Parry Sound and Muskoka area, we are dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations on every project. Our team of skilled professionals has decades of combined experience in landscaping design, installation, and maintenance services. In this article, we’ll discuss what sets us apart from other contractors and why so many homeowners choose to work with us time and time again.

Professional Services

Whether you need a complete backyard overhaul, patios and walkways installed, or regular lawn maintenance, we offer a full range of services tailored to each client’s unique needs and budget. A complimentary on-site consultation is provided to discuss your goals and vision. We guide clients through the entire process, from concept to completion. Our experienced project managers oversee each job to ensure it’s finished on schedule and to the highest standard.

Quality Materials

Only the most durable products that will stand the test of time are used on our job sites. We source materials from local suppliers here in Parry Sound to support the community. This includes items like natural stone, mulch and soils blended specifically for our region’s soil types and weather conditions. Sustainable materials like composite decking and fencing mean lower long-term maintenance, too.

Expert Craftsmanship

Our crews are among the most skilled in the trade, having completed extensive industry training. You can feel confident any project is done quickly and cleanly and to code under their supervision. Services like hardscaping require absolute attention to detail that our teams are well-versed in. All foundation and structural work has the necessary permits as well. Their expertise means any project, large or small, goes off without a hitch.

Attention to Detail

Our work is precise and meticulously done, from something as simple as garden bed edging to an entire outdoor living space. Each job undergoes a thorough quality control process before being deemed complete. We also address any customer concerns immediately should they arise after our work. This level of care means your investment looks its best for years to come.

Even post-job, we remain devoted to details. Clean-up procedures remove all traces of construction debris. Comprehensive documentation archives project blueprints and maintenance instructions. Our highly regarded customer care team handles change orders or aftercare requests promptly, professionally and courteously.

This obsessive attention bolsters client loyalty through enduring satisfaction rather than superficial speed. landscapes transform properties and live on far beyond contracts’ signatures. Ours remained admired as the meticulous masonry that elevates surroundings, uplifts spirits and represents our unwavering commitment to superior standards. This is our guarantee and the reason we remain respected as leaders in the trade.

Job Site Practices

Safety is our #1 concern from start to finish. Your property and family will be well looked after as we work. Our clean, organized crews minimally impact outdoor living areas while on site. The job will always be finished within the estimated timeframe, if not sooner, so you can start enjoying the results as quickly as possible. Communication is also crucial, keeping customers informed at every step.

Customer Service

After our work is complete, clients become part of our family and can count on us whenever they need help with seasonal cleanups, repairs or improvements down the line. We are available by phone or email and aim to respond as soon as possible. Our reputation has been built on this commitment to customer care. Countless satisfied clients refer their friends and family to us yearly!


With more than three decades of experience in the landscape, our crews have developed extensive skills and knowledge over decades of completing projects in Parry Sound house landscape design and beyond. Many have been with the company for 10+ years, so homeowners benefit from a consistency other companies can’t match. You’ll work with professionals who truly know their craft inside and out to achieve the results you desire. Their expertise means no job is too big or complex to tackle successfully.

Complex Projects

Through years of high-level experience, we have proven the ability to seamlessly complete intricate landscape transformations, irrespective of scale. Large-scale properties present challenges that require expert planning and highly skilled installation teams. Hardscapes like custom retaining walls, fancy fire pits, or driveways are specialties of ours.

Industry Recognition

We are a high-standing business, and we’re fully certified and licensed. Crews regularly attend professional development courses to stay at the cutting edge of techniques, technology and sustainability practices. This credentialed standard of conduct provides confidence that we’ll meet the highest level of workmanship and service level expectations.


With so many landscapers to choose from, it’s clear what separates us as a top choice in Parry Sound. Our services and quality sta ndards exceed expectations. Contact us online or at our shop today to book your no-obligation consultation. You can feel assured of the hard work and results our team delivers every time.

Why choose Schlager?

We at Schlager have a legacy starting from 1986 and a continuous reputation in the Parry Sound and Muskoka area. With a diverse portfolio showcasing a wide range of completed successful projects combined with esteem attested by client testimonials, you can tell that our work speaks for itself. So the next time you think of looking up “landscape contractors near me,” call us at +1 (705) 732-1802 or email us at!