Landscaping projects can transform any outdoor space, including a Parry Sound cottage property. While the cottage itself might be beautiful, its surrounding landscape must complement the structure to complete the picture.


Location matters when it comes to hardscape landscaping projects, and Parry Sound is different from the landscapes you tend to see in gardening magazines. It is a unique setting with its own canvas consisting of rugged and rocky terrain, which can lead to a few challenges in terms of landscaping. Flat terrains provide a blank canvas, but in Parry Sound, it may take more effort and time to build your masterpiece because you’ll have to manipulate the canvas to achieve your desired results without ruining any of the natural beauty of this landscape. This requires talent and lots of experience, and any landscaping project in this area will require careful planning and coordination.

To start any landscaping project in Parry Sound, you must first assess the existing property and envision every stage of the project so that you can plan accordingly. Proper planning will allow you to achieve your desired results, and you will not face any setbacks, extra costs or disappointment. Hiring a professional landscaping company is highly recommended because they will know which steps to take and will discuss different ideas based on your desires while considering the landscape.


Every property is unique as is every property owner, and the uniquely rugged topography of Parry Sound makes every landscaping project extremely different. You may want a beautiful pathway or a set of rock stairs, but this may not be a possibility for every space, especially because rock is challenging to work with. A professional landscaping company will discuss this information and will consider existing trees to preserve them during the project. They will also factor in other challenges to landscaping in this region and will provide you with honest information regarding your goals and whether they are realistic.

It’s easy to get carried away by what you see in magazines and before you start to envision the same for your cottage in Parry Sound, you should speak to a landscaping specialist to get an idea of what is involved in terms of creating a particular landscape and the effort and costs which can be a lot higher than what you had in mind.

Planning Stage

A reputable landscaper will guide you through this process and take you through the various design aspects. They will listen to your ideas and your budget and will provide you with professional recommendations based on this information. They will discuss the possible and those that are not because the current landscape may set some limitations.

They will provide you with the options that add the most beauty to your property and encourage you to work with nature instead of against it. Blending as much of nature into your design as possible will ensure a beautiful and seamless landscape, and you will feel happier with the results.

Landscaping is a costly and personal project, so hiring the right contractor for the job is a must. They will help you navigate the planning stage and bring your dreams to life while respecting your budget and the Parry Sound landscape. They will provide you with professional advice and may recommend stepping stones instead of solid flagstone paths, for example, because they look more flexible and formal. They will also discuss gardening because cottage gardens are very different from those found in urban backyards, and you need to focus on plants suitable for Parry Sound. Most residents are only at their cottage periodically, so you need to select robust plants that require little maintenance and infrequent watering. They must endure long winters and soil that is nutrient-poor while still looking aesthetically pleasing to complement your cottage and its landscape. You may need help to pick the right plants, but a landscaping professional will design every aspect of your yard.

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