Serving Parry Sound and the Georgian Bay area, Schlager Inc. can make your waterfront retreat more enjoyable and valuable with the installation of a steel dock.

The dock — a mainstay of nearly every waterfront property. It brings summer visions of lapping waves, Muskoka chairs, beach towels, fishing rods, sunscreen and boats — fast boats, paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, dinghies and personal watercraft of all shapes and sizes.

With the passing of time and exposure to water and the elements, traditional docks on wooden pilings experience rot and decay that requires repairs and replacements at regular intervals. Decks and structures, such as a boathouse, can be in exceptional condition, but still need to undergo extensive and costly renovations when the supporting pilings deteriorate.

An alternative dock structure, a steel dock increases the stability and longevity of the structure. Professionally installed by experienced contractors such as Schlager Inc., this customized dock construction involves anchoring steel pilings into the Canadian Shield bedrock below sediment, with a corresponding steel frame for your choice of decking material or boathouse construction.

The steel is treated to slow the rate of corrosion to provide durability and longevity that cannot be achieved by traditional wood pilings. The result is a beautiful, low-maintenance and stable dock on solid footing.

The dock team at Schlager provides engineering and site planning services based on the unique composition and contours of your waterfront, including any necessary demolition of existing dock structures. From planning through project management and experienced construction, the team will help you create the steel dock project to suit your vision, budget and time frame.

To find out how steel docks designed and installed by Schlager Inc. provide many years of enjoyment while increasing property values or to obtain a quote, contact the Schlager team, by email, or by phone at 705-732-1802.

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