Starting seeds indoors can be a challenge for many people. There are other people who find starting easy, but have a hard time keeping the seedlings alive until they can be planted outside. Fortunately, there are a number of tips that you can use to start and nurture your seeds indoors.

Use The Right Containers

Using the pot that you have lying around the house is not always the best option when starting seeds. Ideally, you will need to use wide and flat containers as this will prevent any overcrowding. Additionally, plastic pots are better for starting seeds than clay ones because they retain moisture more consistently.

The wide and flat containers will prevent excessive moisture from forming around the fragile new roots. If you are seeding plants that resent root disturbance when transplanted, you should use small individual containers for their seeds. These containers will not disturb the roots as much when it comes to transplanting them.

Tamp The Seeds Down

When you place the seeds in the seeding container, you need to tamp them down to ensure that they have direct contact with the soil. This tamping needs to be done after you have covered the seeds with the planting medium to allow them to reach the moist surface of the topsoil. You need to tamp down gently on the seeds because you do not want to smother them and remove the space they need to grow.

Have Proper Airflow and Drainage

Drainage is something that most people consider when it comes to starting seeds indoors. Most people know that excess water needs to have a way of getting out of the planting container to ensure that the seeds do not drown. However, many people do not consider the importance of good airflow.

Good air circulation around your seeds will keep fungal agents away from them. If you do not have an area with good air circulation, you can use a small fan. The fan should be set to a low level and should blow across the seed containers.

Keep The Seeds Warm

The reason why you are starting your seeds indoors is generally that your garden is too cold for them. This means that you need to ensure that the seeds are kept warm. Most seeds will need a certain degree of warmth in order to germinate and you need to consider this. Placing the seeds close to a heater or on a heating pad is recommended.

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