A custom home is incomplete without a beautiful outdoor space. Modern landscape designs are stunning, and the best time to complete this project is when you’re building your custom home because you’ll have a blank canvas with which to work. Whether you want a pool, a raised garden bed or a picturesque walkway, your outdoor space should look and feel just as amazing as the custom home itself.

A reputable landscaping company will provide expert advice and ensure you have the irrigation and infrastructure to achieve a gorgeous landscape. To create the perfect outdoor space, you can consider any of the following modern landscape designs:

1. Xeriscaping

This is a sustainable option and a great way to add edgy style to your landscape. You’ll never have to worry about watering your lawn or weeding a flower bed because xeriscaping uses rocks, gravel, stonework and drought-tolerant plants. These elements come together to create an effortless design and enhance natural beauty.

2. Stone gardens

This is the perfect way to create curb appeal with zero maintenance. Stone gardens are almost entirely made of stone and can include dramatic sculptures or statement rock varieties. This kind of garden is ideal for modern homes with lots of straight edges and parallel lines and serves as the perfect foreground.

3. Water gardens and pools

A water garden is ideal if you want to create your little piece of paradise. This can be as small or as grand as you like. If local development guidelines allow for it, you can have a pond developed in your backyard. You can also choose to install an in-ground pool, which will give your backyard a resort-like feel.

A pool will transform your backyard into a beautiful getaway, and you’ll want to spend every day in your gorgeous backyard. Depending on your space and budget, you can include a patio, outdoor kitchen and even a swim-up bar!

4. Edible gardens

Traditional vegetable garden beds can look unruly, but creating an edible garden will complement your modern landscape and custom home. Different ways to achieve an edible garden include placing contemporary containers with a minimalist profile in strategic locations to keep your herbs and greens contained. Consider what you eat and what will add to the look and feel of your landscape.

The goal is to eliminate clutter, and you can get creative because there are many ideas you can consider. Placing dwarf fruit trees, for example, among tightly clipped shrubberies will provide you with food and shade while maintaining the uniformity of your garden.

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