No one enjoys shoveling snow and with the weather warming up and snow melting, you may be wanting to just wait until springtime for it all to melt. However, putting off snow removal will likely have ramifications that may otherwise be avoided. In fact, you don’t have to be physically responsible for snow removal whatsoever with certain snow removal tactics. 

Ensure the safety of your driveway and have the job done easier, more efficiently and effectively with the following three snow removal essentials.

1. Snowblowing

A snow blower is an effective snow removal method that is much quicker than shoveling and far easier. Many homeowners believe that the best time to snowplow their driveway is when the snow has subsided. However, when a huge snowfall hits and you wait until it’s over to remove the snow, your snowblower will have to work twice as hard and likely will be less efficient. Remove as snow is falling to prevent blowing over six feet of snow! When snow blowing, ensure you’re not blowing snow partway from the driveway. This will just extend the snow removal process as you’ll likely have to go over it. Get a maximum snow removal throw by taking smaller snow pieces, running the snowblower at a high rpm and blow with the wind.

2. Radiant/Heated Driveway

A very convenient way to remove snow and maintain a relatively snow/ice-free driveway is by having a ground radiant heater installed in your driveway. A heated driveway melts snow immediately and can be switched on and off easily with a simple switch flick. Although this is a more expensive investment, it is fairly viable and a top choice for many homeowners. If you do not want to commit to a heated driveway installation, you can also opt for heated mats. A cheaper alternative, heated mats only need to be placed on the driveway prior to falling snow. Using connector cables that can travel from the house to the street through a single plug, heated mats require no effort from the homeowner and can be turned off when snowfall has halted.

3. Trucked Away

Without a doubt, the most effective and convenient method of snow removal is a plow truck. Schlager Excavating in Parry Sound snow removal services will plow snow from your home’s driveway or commercial parking lot and stack neatly or removed and brought off-site to ensure a clean, safe and visually appealing concrete lot. Our snow plowing, removal, sanding and even salting services are available on a flat rate or per time basis. Our snow removal company prioritizes your safety, which is why we include salting, sidewalk and sanding services as well.
Make way for yourself, guests, or customers to your property with our Parry Sound snow removal services. It’s also never too early to start thinking about landscape design for the springtime! Schlager Excavating’s Parry Sound landscape plan can turn your dream outdoor vision into a reality. To inquire about our services or get a FREE quote, contact us today.