The path from your cottage down to the lake is usually a treacherous one. While you may be able to traverse the winding incline at this point in your life, that does not mean that will always be the case, or that everyone who comes to visit you will be able to scale. Wooden stairs, while economical, will not last, and mulched box steps are not stable enough for everyone to navigate. If you want to have stairs down to the lake that will last forever you need to go with granite or limestone.

The Right Aesthetic

When you decide to go with natural granite or limestone steps you are adding to the overall aesthetic of your cottage. The steps will appear like they have been carved out of the hill, rather than created and foreign to the space.

Long Lasting

If you choose to go with mulched box steps or wooden steps, then you will need to get them replaced relatively frequently so that they remain safe to use. Mulched box steps are a great option if you have a trail on your property and you want to make it more accessible without taking away from the natural space. They are not ideal as steps down to the lake, though, as you will just end up with wood chips sticking to wet feet. If you want something that lasts a lifetime, then you will want to go with stone steps.

Granite vs. Limestone

One of the biggest differences between granite and limestone is their colour. Limestone is light, often appearing white or taupe, while granite is a darker grey. There is also more colour variation in granite than there is in limestone. When it comes to which works best in your space, it depends on the colour scheme of your garden and cottage, as well as your personal preference.

Granite is harder than limestone as well and will last for generations. While limestone won’t need to be replaced in your lifetime, it is more susceptible to wear and tear and chipping. Limestone is also vulnerable to acid rain. By the time your grandchildren are in charge of the cottage and the steps down to the lake, they may need to consider replacing them.

Both granite and limestone are slippery, which can be an issue, considering that you are going to be going up and down the stairs from the lake. In rainy weather, they can also be quite dangerous. While the rustic, natural stone we use is less slippery than polished stone, the solution to stopping slips and falls is to use a stone grip product that also helps prevent stains and is moisture resistant.

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When you are looking to have a substantial set of steps put down to lead your family from the cottage down to the lake, you are going to want to go with something sturdy that will never fail you. Granite and limestone will do just that, while also adding to the overall aesthetics of your property. Contact us at Schlager today if you are looking to upgrade your walkway to the lake!