Flagstone walkways are beautiful and come with a number of benefits for a home or place of business. The addition of such a walkway would elevate the look of your exterior space and transform it into something magical while providing a professional appearance that homeowners, employees, and clients will all appreciate. 

Flagstone walkways are perfect if you need a clear path to the front door of your home or place of work. If the job is done right, your walkway will not only be beautiful but inviting as well so that more customers feel the need to come in and more guests feel welcome in your home. Of course, it’s important that the homeowner is happy too and this type of walkway is aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting, making it a wonderful option for any setting, whether it’s residential or commercial. 

If you’re proud of specific areas of your outdoor space that you’ve worked hard on, a flagstone walkway is a great way to highlight those areas and draw attention to them. It also invites clients and guests to stroll through your garden because this type of walkway draws people in with its charm and beauty.  

One of the main reasons why flagstone is such a great idea is because of the variety of shapes and sizes it comes in, which allows you to design it any way you like in just about any type of layout. It is recommended that walkways be wide enough for at least two people to walk side by side comfortably while leaving enough room for others to pass by. However, the choice is yours and the selection of shapes and sizes makes it possible to create a walkway that suits your needs and meets your design preferences.

Another bonus is the maintenance factor because once the stones are in place they are extremely easy to take care of, meaning you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor space instead of worrying about it. It’s common that flagstone gives off an aged look and that is part of its charm and beauty, so you don’t need to stress about it or follow a draining care procedure. 

You’re not limited to a flat path and flagstones can be used to create steps or stepping stones in different sizes and colors, which will make your space a lot more interesting visually and practical so that people can get around easily. 

If you’d like to increase the aesthetic value of your property, flagstone walkways are definitely worth considering and Schlager Excavating can help. Whether you need a landscape plan, guidance with design, driveway gravel, or snow removal, the experts at Schlager Excavating can do it all, so if you’re in the Parry Sound area and want to elevate your landscape, give them a call today!