Fall is around the corner, and the warmer weather is slowly on its way out the door. There are still plenty of wonderful fall evenings to enjoy your outdoor hardscape oasis. Now, however, is the right time to consider and start planning any upgrades and changes you want to make.

As we roll into the autumn season, contractors are in the midst of completing current projects or working through a list of projects they need to complete before the cold weather. Colder weather will impede any Parry Sound landscaping and hardscaping work, so early September is the busiest time for most contractors. Additionally, slowed supply chains for acquiring suitable materials have exacerbated the difficulty of obtaining contractors and labourers at this time of year.

For these reasons, the current time of year is the best time for you and your loved ones to examine your existing layout and the changes you’d like to make.

Landscaping in Parry Sound or Muskoka: 

Planning for Spring 2023

The mornings and evenings are much cooler at this time of year, sometimes brisk and bringing the first inklings of overnight condensation and dew. This is an excellent environment for getting cozy indoors or outdoors by the fire and taking a good hard look at your current landscape design.

You can easily increase your property value with professional Parry Sound landscaping and hardscaping additions—we have also served the Muskoka region for decades., so now is the time to envision your ideal layout and design for spring and summer 2023. Consider what elements have been conducive to an enjoyable, relaxing evening with friends and families and which landscaping elements either get in the way or don’t quite match the current (or desired) aesthetics.

If you have children or family members who often visit with children, there may be safety considerations, including:


Including fencing around bodies of water can prevent a child from accidentally falling in.


Planning around the safety of your outdoor fire pit, and the placement of plants to ensure they do not pose a hazard.


Some properties slope down towards the water and may pose safety issues or simply an inconvenience. Consider the problematic areas to traverse and how placing large stone materials or building steps can help mitigate these concerns.

If you’re stumped for landscaping ideas, HGTV has a handy landscaping guide that you can use to assess your preferences and current outdoor landscape to help determine the solutions you’ll need to make in the coming spring.

Fall Landscaping in Parry Sound & Muskoka

Once you have ideas about the changes you want to make in your landscape, you can begin some minor fix ups. Early fall is the best time to start planting when soil is workable and there is reduced heat and humidity. The temperatures are more comfortable for any gardening work; planting perennials, trees and other plants will help the plants to firmly establish their roots and optimize the flow of nutrients. By spring and summer 2023, your foliage and vegetation will have more developed root systems for the critical first year of growth. Your perennials will be ready to bud when it’s springtime, and now is the perfect time to plant hardy, cold-tolerant annuals.

Ready For Your Next Parry Sound or Muskoka Landscaping Project? 

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