Ahmic Lake

These home owners wanted plenty of gathering space so they could entertain family and friends for many years to come at their new place on beautiful Ahmic Lake.

This newly built home was in need of some property clean up and landscaping to finish it off. 

parry sound house landscape design


An expansive interlocking patio installed at the lower entrance of the home quickly cleaned up the yard mess from construction of the home while providing a clean and welcoming entrance from the water. A retaining wall was built to create a level area to support the interlocking patio. Granite steps mixed with stepping stones lead from the entrance patio down to the dock. Connecting off this path is a large granite fire pit patio area to enjoy lake side views. River rock was placed under low areas of the deck for a cohesive look. An impressive front driveway entrance was created using extra wide granite steps with large armour stone rocks and river rock. This was a successful project allowing the new home owners to enjoy their beautiful property and landscaping for many years to come.


parry sound house landscape design