Duck Lake Cottage

Patios, walkways and entrances built using pavers and supported with limestone rock retaining walls finished the look of this newly renovated cottage. 

Interlocking pavers are a great option when covering large areas on the property. They provide a smooth even surface for outdoor living. 

parry sound house landscape design


After an extensive renovation to the cottage these homeowners needed landscaping to match. Interlocking pavers mixed with the cool colours of limestone compliment perfectly the stone of the cottage foundation. Large amounts of outdoor living space was created by using the pavers to create an outdoor dinning area, hot tub patio, walkways to the entrance of the cottage and down to the lake. Limestone steps were intergrated on steeper elevations and limestone rock retaining walls were intalled to make patios and walkways level. All mature trees and existing gardens were carefully worked around to avoid damage and enhance the beauty of the hardscape. 


parry sound house landscape design